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Développer son réseau dans le maritime


The International Propeller Club of the United States is a professional network dedicated to the promotion of the marine industry and international trade.

The first Propeller Club was created in 1927 in New York. The clubs situated outside the USA which have officially received their charter within the bylaws of the organization then receives the statutes of International Port.

There are currently 80 Ports Clubs as part of the International Propeller Club of the United States. They are located worldwide and are comprised of about 6 000 members including 1 000 in Europe.

The European Association of Propeller Clubs (AEPC) is made up of the West European Clubs. It was officially recognized as representative attached to the European Commission.

The Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of Le Havre N°47 was set up on the 1st May 1936 in Le Havre at the initiative of US managers as representatives of the US marine shipping interests in Le Havre. The Propeller Club of Le Havre has around 80 members.

The Student Port du Havre N°205 set up on 20th May 1995 is made up of the students of ENSM (the Merchant Marine school) and the students of I.S.E.L. (the Logistic Engineer school) since 1999.


Each Port Club belongs to a geographical area. The Propeller Club of Le Havre was initially registered under the Northern and Central Europe Region (NCER). During the year 2009 the European Association of Propeller Clubs (AEPC) was recognized by the US president to replace the NCER.


The Propeller Club of Le Havre is an association under the law 1901 non lucrative whose goals are similar to those of the International Propeller Club are defined as follows :

To promote marine shipping, ship yards and all activities directly or indirectly involved with marine activities and business.

To promote the relationship between national and international authorities, port authorities and maritime and inland associations and professions in general with a view to developing inland, port and maritime activities.

To promote common objectives among all the members professionally involved in the marine activities of their respective countries.

To encourage the development of international trade and exchanges with other countries.


Development of the international network of professionals (directory, contacts with clubs, newsletters)

Lunch-conferences, usually on the 3rd Monday of each month, with a speaker specialized in his professional activity (fees 35 €)

Visits of industrial and maritime installations

Participation in maritime events

The first Maritime Day was organized in Le Havre in 1993 at the initiative of Christian LEROUX and within the AEPC. The representatives of the Propeller of the European region attended the 2-day congress and conferences were about the development of port and maritime activity. A second Maritime Day was organized with great success by our Club in June 2006

Annual Convention: each year the directors of the US Clubs and European Clubs gather as part of the International Propeller club of the United States. It is organized by one of the clubs in turn. Three Conventions have already taken place in Europe: in Paris, Athens and Le Havre respectively in 2003, 2008 and 2011.

The Convention which took place in Le Havre in 2011 was a success resulting in the Club receiving the award of 'club of the year 2011'. It allowed a great number of directors of American, Belgian, Swiss and French shipping to discover the advantages of the Port of Le Havre.

The Board, made up of around 15 members, meets once a month in order to fix the actions of the Club.

The Club of Le Havre is represented on the Board of Directors of the Propeller Club International (USA) with two members Valerie CONAN and Bernard MARGUET which is exceptional. The Club is also on the Board of AEPC with Bernard MARGUET, appointed as President, and Joel RAS.

Bylaws (extracts)

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International Ports

Local clubs located in countries or territories other than those of the United States which having agreed to be bound by the policies of the Propeller Club of the United States and having been granted a charter, perform the obligations as set forth in this Constitution and By-laws.

Each such local club shall be know as a Port and shall be named :

'The Propeller Club of the United States, International Port of [...] N° [...]'.


In order to join the Club the candidates must be sponsored by two members and the entry be validated by the Board.

Joining fees : 150 €

Subscription : 230€ for active - 60€ for retired

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